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18-Jun-2018 06:23:25 am

Gabapentin for Sciatica Nerve PainPosted by Admin

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Sciatica is the condition in which the sensation of pain radiates all along through the sciatic nerve present in the lower back region of the buttock and travels down each leg. The sciatic nerve is made up of the lower lumbosacral nerve roots. It is the longest nerve in the human body.

Unlike the common belief that sciatica is a specific condition, the truth is that it is a collection of many symptoms. The lower extremity is the most painful and problematic in sciatica. The pain increases in intensity and area gradually. It extends below the knees and reaches the feet. In severe cases, people experience tingling, numbness, and gradual muscle weakness which causes difficulty or no movement of legs at all.

The general cause of sciatica is usual wear and tear in the disks of the lower back. One specific disk herniates is specifically responsible for causing this problem. The disk bulges towards the spinal canal causing a compression in one or more nerve roots which are responsible for the formation of the sciatic nerve. The pain trails all the way down to the lower limbs.

Once the treatment begins, you won’t find any major improvement in pain in the first one or two weeks. After that, it progresses steadily and gets better. The statistics state say 90 % of patients get better and improve without any surgery. Usually, the doctors recommend some physical therapies and prescribe certain medicines for the treatment of sciatica. The physical therapist can recommend home exercises so that you can do them on your own as well.

The best medicine for the treatment of sciatica is gabapentin. The gabapentin pills are the most prescribed drug. Almost all the doctors and therapists will recommend gabapentin for nerve pain as it is very effective and safe as well. You can buy gabapentin online which is absolutely genuine and manufactured in the safest environment. At our website, you can order gabapentin 100mg which is the most widely sold dosage of this medicine.