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16-Jun-2018 07:56:20 am

Facts to Know About GabapentinPosted by Admin

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There are several facts that a user should know about gabapentin to keep the track of information. These points are well illustrated below-

A multi-purpose drug: Gabapentin is an anticonvulsant. Known under the brand name Neurontin, the widely sold drug is used for many purposes. It can treat a wide array of disorders and problems including seizures, epilepsy, restless legs syndrome, and many kinds of nerve pain.

The drug comes in many forms: You can buy gabapentin online in many forms. The drug comes in capsules, the immediate- version is also another version, a liquid solution for oral use is also sold. There are many brands which sell gabapentin drug. You must use only that version, form, and brand which is prescribed to you by the doctor. In times of refill, make sure you check for the correct form.

Gabapentin’s off-label uses: Off-label uses of a drug are those which are not verified by the FDA but have been proven to be effective and safe. You must know that about gabapentin that it is often used in the treatment of fibromyalgia, alcohol withdrawal, and trigeminal neuralgia.

A safe drug with minimum side effects: Gabapentin is a well-tolerated drug but it has some side effects which may occur on rare occasions. One has to be more careful at the beginning phase of the treatment. Once the body accepts the drug, the risk of side effects is reduced to zero. However, you may feel a bit drowsy after taking the medicine; therefore, it is advised that you avoid driving right after taking gabapentin. Call your doctor if you feel depressed or have suicidal thoughts. Signs of allergies are rare but possible. Look of redness, itching, peeling skin, or blisters.