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Terms and Condition

These Terms of Use set the conditions for the use of our website. By using our website, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use, as amended from time to time. Please keep up to date with updates to these Terms of Use.

Accessibility and modification of the website

We endeavor to ensure constant accessibility of our website. However, it is not excluded that for technical reasons or for maintenance purposes, the website and the content on it, with or without prior notice, are temporarily unavailable. A claim of the user for an uninterrupted accessibility of the website does not exist. We are entitled to change the contents of the website at any time without notice or to stop the operation of the website.

Copyright, trademark rights, and other intellectual property

The entire contents of this website (including the texts, images, audio and video materials, databases, trademarks, designs, and logos) are copyright and trademarked intellectual property Gabatin. Even content posted by third parties is not freely usable, as long as they are protected as intellectual property or other rights for the respective copyright holders.

You may view, print or save the content that is publicly accessible to us on our website as long as the content is used exclusively for private and not for direct or indirect commercial or commercial purposes. It is not permitted to modify, edit or remove any copyright notice or other intellectual property rights without our express prior consent.

The (even partial) publication of the contents of the website, it's public access or other public use is - online and offline - only with our prior consent. In principle, we will gladly grant this consent, for example for a report on our offer, upon prior request.

Principles of liability

Visiting and using our website is the sole responsibility of the user. Liability for slightly negligent breaches of duty is excluded, as far as these do not concern damage from injury to life, limb or health.

In particular, we accept no liability under the above restrictions for unauthorized access by third parties to the content of the website or for manipulation by third parties and for possible transmission of computer viruses, computer worms, or other defective programs. The user is obliged to take his own precautions to protect his own computer from such defective programs, in particular, to install anti-virus software and to use the current anti-virus definitions.

Liability for the user and third-party content as well as links

For contents that are published by users of our website or by other third parties ("third party content"), we are liable only according to the above-mentioned liability principles. We are under no obligation to monitor third-party content for completeness, accuracy, timeliness, freedom from third-party rights and compliance with legal requirements.

Third party content in this sense also includes content from external websites, to which the user receives an indication by an electronic link ("link") on our website. The placing of such links is made solely for the purpose of information and as an additional service for the users of the website, without us expressing a recommendation, consent or support with regard to the linked content or want to make our own. At the time of the linking by us, no illegal contents were recognizable on the linked web pages. However, we have no influence on the design or the contents of the linked websites. Rather, the design and content of the linked websites are the sole responsibility of their respective operators.

Data Protection

For information on the collection, processing, use, and protection of your personal data when using our website, please refer to the Privacy Policy.

Changes to these Terms & Condition

We may change the contents of these Terms and Condition from time to time in accordance with applicable law, for example, to make adjustments to the content provided. As soon as the terms of use change, we will provide the current version on this page. In each case, those terms of use that are in force at the time our website is used are valid.